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Ken Burke's Amazing Journey

What is the fastest time for completing New York City to Buffalo on foot?

Ken Burke of Buffalo accomplished this 565 mile run in
11 days 16 hours and 35 minutes.

He started at Battery Park in NYC at 11:15PM on May 19, 2021, running along the Hudson through the middle of the night. And he finished this epic run 11 days later in Buffalo on May 31 at 3:50PM.

Averaging over 50 miles a day, on foot, for 11 days in a row, is amazing.

But Ken's story gets even more incredible...
Ken Burke finishes his run in Buffalo
The end of a long journey

Selfie with Ken
Ken used the Empire State Trail route from NYC to Albany, and then followed the Erie Canalway from Albany to Buffalo.

We had the good fortune to cross paths with Ken at New Castle, near Millwood, on day two of his run.

We were impressed by his self-contained baby jogger


Ken did this trip solo - fully self-supported and self-contained. All his supplies, gear, everything he needed, he pushed along in a baby jogger weighing some 50 pounds.
Ken Burke's gear
Ken Burke's baby jogger
"You'll never run again" - In 2018, Ken shattered his leg, breaking his femur in six places. He had been a marathon runner, but doctors told him he would never run again. He is happy to prove them wrong, time and time again.

Photo: wbtv.com

Kidney donor

On March 5 2020, Ken donated a kidney to a young lady in Boston.

Can you still run ultramarthon distances with only one kidney? His doctors were doubtful, but Ken proved them wrong again.

WBTV: Despite rivalry, Buffalo Bills fan donates kidney to save New England Patriots fan

Kidney Donor Athletes: Meet Kidney Donor Athlete, Ken!
Ken Burke
Congratulations Ken on your amazing achievements!
Daily updates, photos, and details of Ken's journey on his Facebook page and Instagram
(Ken's social media user name is the Latin term for "what was once cut down grows back stronger" - very appropriate)